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by Maxine Nwaneri

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What People Are Saying:

Nanouche Umeadi


"Before working with Maxine, I was struggling to get where I wanted to be career-wise. I had not really worked for 4-5 years due to looking after family, and other responsibilities, and was not sure whether my big dreams of tackling racial injustice were possible for me.

Maxine helped me work through the limited mindset and beliefs I had, and helped me with a step by step plan to reach massive goals that should have taken several years, in just a few months.

Today, I have a successful Diversity and Inclusion business, and have been elected as a Councillor in my local borough of Camden in London to help improve the lives of others in my community. Maxine helped me do all this in a way that prioritises my family and wellbeing too.

It’s so surreal, I can’t believe this is my life sometimes. If you are struggling with trying to get to the next level in your career in way that feels aligned to you and your purpose, I highly recommend working with Maxine."


"Before working with Maxine, I was struggling to find work life balance, and was unsure about whether ambitious goals I had in my career and personal life were possible for me to achieve simultaneously.

Maxine has helped me immensely! She worked with me in a clear and structured way. With her guidance I was able achieve incredible results with both my personal and professional goals at the same time. These included being promoted to Partner while I was on maternity leave with my daughter.

I feel happier and have more clarity on the path I am on. I am also glad I can be a role model to the hundreds of women I lead.

If you are looking to give your career a tremendous boost without sacrificing what you want for yourself in your personal life, I highly recommend working with Maxine."

Zara English



Tenth Revolution Group

Producers of the
Digital Revolution Awards


"Maxine Nwaneri of "The Future is Greater" is our three-time host of the annual Digital Revolution Awards ceremony, and wow, we couldn't have asked for a better host. The energy and charisma she brings to the show translates wonderfully across time zones, cultures, and devices.

We have received fantastic feedback from our senior staff, award stakeholders, and clients on her skills - the Digital Revolution Awards wouldn't be what they are without her involvement.

Josie Middleton Head of PR & Outreach – Tenth Revolution Group."


"Maxine from "The Future is Greater" delivered a phenomenal and highly customized workshop for Norvartis female associates to help tackle work life balance struggles. 100% of our colleagues who took the post event survey said they felt more engaged, and had received effective tools during the workshop to significantly improve their professional and personal lives.

We highly recommend Maxine & her team."


(Pharmaceutical Company)



Pinsent Masons

(Law Firm)


"The Future is Greater was invited to facilitate a live training session on "How To Have Both A Thriving Work & Family Life" in this challenging era where the COVID-19 pandemic has blurred lines between the two.

It was an incredibly inspiring, and highly rated session, which empowered 100% of attendees to solve their biggest challenge relating to this topic, according to their post event feedback. One colleague added - "This was well worth the hour of my time as it’s given me so much more time back!

Thank you Maxine & Team!"


"Maxine Nwaneri was a fantastic host and session facilitator at our DiversityQ Virtual Talent Summit. She had incredible chemistry with everyone she interacted with and brought our vision to life magnificently for the global audience.

Maxine was meticulous with her preparation which led to her hitting all the key points flawlessly during the introductions and transition periods with a lot of energy, confidence and positivity. Thank you so much!"


(Media Company)